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Welcome to my world. On this pages you can find a wide range of what I work with, my life and my collages. 

I am from Hamburg/Germany, I studied Illustration and Design at the HAW, University for Applied Science in Hamburg.

I started working in advertising agencies, continued to work as a freelancer and finally got more and more into arts, painting, objects and finally collages.

In my work I like to play with the juxtaposed, adding unexpected, weird and sometimes funny things to old family photos to create a whole new meaning. I believe life is much more fascinating and miraculous as we think it is and I like to show that a bit in my work. In 2013 I started with an 365 days project doing a collage a day with old family photos (mostly my own family, sometimes fleamarket finds). I always wondered what the stories behind those old pictures might be, the things you don't see in the picture and so I started to create a new story out of the old. I like random as an ally in my work, if I don't know exactly how the final piece will look like, but rather be still curious as it evolves with the find objects I add to create a new story.

My collages are often a mixture of drawing, painting and cutting and pasting all by hand and others are completely made
digitally in photoshop.

I hope you will enjoy it. Please feel free to contact me if you have any inquirers. You can use the contact sheet at the sidebar. I like to here from you!

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